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Azaleh is a mixture of cultures. Her life was always filled with a variety of cultures and many musical influences. Azaleh grew up in New York City and wanted to enlighten others by being true to Azaleh by being the voice of her peers and women in her community. The world is blessed to have her as a gift.
Many describe her as “One Of Many, One Of The Last” or “The Royal Lioness” Azaleh became interested in a career in music, by working as the receptionist at SIR Studios in New York City. She has always had a passion for music and to have the opportunities to meet and work with some of her favorite artists was just the beginning.
It wasn’t just the music it was the lyrics that would seduce her. She became a member of BMI Music in the year 2000. Azaleh has accumulated a book of lyrics with the Library of Congress titled Azaleh’s Compilations Volume I & II.
There is always a message with a glaze of positivity in all of her music. She is a very strong and powerful lyricist. She is a new potent force in the world of music.
Azaleh is an artist with unique writer skills and incredible depth. Many have called her live performances exotic and outstanding

Wayne P. Ingram a reggae artist from the Caribbean island of Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. His fans know him by his stage name Raga-z, who now resides in Miami, Florida. 

Ingram was exposed to music at an early age, while attending church with his mother. As he grew older he and his cousin used to sneak out of the house to go and listen to sounds of stereograph, stereo one and Kilamanjaro. He also began to work with and learn from sounds such as Black Scorpio, King Jammys, King Agony, Love Rock, View Master, and many others.


Ingram later befriended a few artist like Jah Zarro, General Trees, and the late Pan Head, as well as Mikey Melody, Devano, Kabeba, I-Kushna, Honorable Prophet, Mikey General, Luciano, I Wayne, Lady G, Ghost, Beetle Bailey and more, which he also the opportunity to work with them. He also worked with the veteran group “Wailing Souls” on the song “Souvenir from Jamaica.” He has also worked with various lables such as Abvi/Slagem Production, Black Scorpio, M productions, Carvel Musik, Warrior Musik, and Shyrick Records. In addition Ingram has been affiliated with some producers such as Ansil Collins, Joe Gibbs, and many more. He has recorded his freshman album called ” Ride With Me” and also made a video called “Defend it” courtesy of M Productions.

Being a talented artist as he is, Ingram has always felled the need to spread his musical wings by packing up and moved to Miami Florida in 2007, where he had the opportunity to meet the famous Larry Dog, Purpose, and Peter Pablo. He was also been given the chance to perform at places like Coco’s on Monday nights, “Pipeline” and ” The Office” which were local strip clubs. He also worked at the Mixing Lounge which is now called “The Trainline.” Being on social networks like MySpace gave him the opportunity to perform at various place and catching up with old friends like King Banton, and Mystic Soul. So the internet was a catalyst in his career, through networking he has met music producers, singers and song writers. His debut acting came with a mini movie when he did a small part in “What goes around” and ” Life in the big city”. Ingram is the first reggae artist to perform for one of the largest retail stores in America, Home Depot.

Ingram has had the opportunity to work with some international producers such as Wacky T, Black Brown, Priceless Productions, and Biggy The Beat Maker. Ingram has done countless interviews with DJ’s like DJ Warm n Easy of the UK, Global Links, Empress Scorcher, Double Shotta, Mad Love Radio, and DJ Raven of Reggae Airways, and Admiral Tribet. 

Ingram, and longtime friend Gary “Fattaicon” Dixon wrote most of the songs on the album they have also launched their own radio station Shyrick Dancehall Radio which has some 8,000 listeners at times, since its inception just a short time ago, also Shyrick has a top ten chart where Ingram has won several times with his songs like “Simon Say,” “Style Dem,” “Children smile” and “She’s Mine.” Shyrick gives up and coming artist a chance to showcase their talent on the station, they submit their songs and they are played by Dj Fattaicon as he is loving known by his fans. Wayne “Raga-z” Ingram is a fountain of talent that continues to overflow. Wayne hopes to one day become a producer, but at the present time he wants to keep performing and writing good clean music for all ages to listen.

He recently performed at CB Smith Park in Miami Florida, because it was a Fundraiser and he’s that passionate about music and performing for his many many fans. Ingram is multi talented, motivated, energetic, full of life, all rounder, who caters for the pallets of the not only the ‘old school,’ but new style dancehall, lovers rock, and hip-hop. A very versatile artist with a unique voice  who is dedicated to his music.

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(USA) 305-879-4152
(JA)    876-988-1297

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Jah Niceness  is our Crowned King of MMB Excellence in Music Award Recipient. A Title won in Dec/2014 and carried through out 2015. It was a tight race but he came out on top with THE FOLLOWING TRACK:
 Jah Niceness is a gentle natural performer born in Clarendon Jamaica.He spends most of his time working in recording studios all around Kingston Jamaica. He brings a passionate voice with unique clarity back to the world of reggae music and with a message geared towards spreading his own positive vibration to audiences over the world.
 Niceness is emerging as a name to look out for on the Global Reggae Scene. His foray into music began with inspiration from a high school music teacher Norman ‘Milo’ Douglas, who introduced him to several local recording studios, including Youthman Promotion, run by the legendary Sugar Minott. Niceness’ sound was forged during sessions with his original band, The True Traditional Family, until leaving the group in 2002 to pursue his solo musical career. 
Today, Jah Niceness has a rapidly growing fanbase after the releases of 2 fabulous albums, “Loverman” produced by InI Sound Records 1995 and “Straighten Up” prod by Jah Niceness 2006, alongside several independent single releases. Currently in February 2012, Niceness is busy songwriting and rehearsing for the 2012 release of an amazing 3rd album.
Niceness is available for Bookings UK Europe 2012 and also available for Dubplate Specials by request. Please contact Niceness at
Links for Niceness WORLD TV :



  • Professional Singer/Vocalist/Songwriter
  • Recording Artiste since 2013
  • Produces her own riddims

  • Released a Handful of Hit Singles including SUITCASE, STAY, NAH STOP TRY and HURT AND BROKEN
  • Recorded for numerous labels including Pushhitz Records in NYC, Move Up Records and Mikey Sparkle Proudctions among many others
  • Selected to represent Jamaica in 2015 World Championships In LA

  • Performed live at Jazz and Blues Festival January 2013 (Main Stage) with AJ Brown, Taddy P and the Blow Wow Band, Caribbean Shrimp Fest 2013 and Mobay Jerk Fest 2013
  • Performed internationally in Nashville, Orlando, Florida , Atlanta, Canada, Mississippi, Antigua and Cayman Islands
  • Did an Exclusive Collaboration with Reggae Music Legend Anthony Malvo

  • Musically affiliated with Beenie Man, Nesbeth, Silver Cat, Mackie Conscious, Peter Lloyd, Anthony Malvo, Rula Brown, Ian Sweetness, AJ Brown, Taddy P among many others
  • Co-Host Radio Shows on Daflava Radio in Atlanta
  • Featured in local and International Newspapers and Articles/Columns
Telephone: (876) 865-4005 or (407) 914-0090
Facebook:Lady Genius Music 
Instagram: Ladygeniusmusic

The long anticipated release of Ruach’s Debut album has finally arrived. The digital release of the album on October 29, 2013 introduced fans to Ruach’s unique styling, interpretation and application of the musical vibration…word..sound and power…
A powerful and thought provoking compilation of nine songs, Ruach explores topics touching on the common social experiences that all listeners can relate to and share. Commenting on the album Ruach suggested…”The power and effect of the musical not only useful in entertaining and helping us to forget or challenges for a time, but it is also useful in entertaining and educating..stimulating new thought and thus helping us to overcome or challenges.”    Evolution the album, was produced by High Expectations Production out of Jamaica and all tracks were written by Ruach. Single from the album IF WE BELIEVE continues to do well in the top
 ten charts of Shyrick Dancehall Radio out of St. Louis. Fans can check out the charts  and vote for the single here
This daughter of the Jamaican Isle, reflects the strong influences of the tropical reggae rhythms and the melting pot of cultures experienced from her island home. Fans can find her music on youtube
and learn more about Ruach or shop at the Official store from her website
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